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Templates + Resources for emerging entrepreneurs

As a passionate visionary building your business, you know the value of creating a strong brand foundation, but in the early stages of your business you're not quite ready for the investment that comes with the fully immersive brand experience. 

That doesn't mean you have to throw shots in the dark though. You shouldn't have to max out your credit card to get a good brand at this stage. With the right guidance and resources, you can confidently build a strong foundation for your brand that primes you for unparalleled growth.

The Brand Building Academy is stocked full with templates and resources created to leverage your unique genius and vision so that strategic and elevated design is more attainable, no matter what stage of brand building you're in.

You need GUIDANCE to properly build your brand at this level WITHOUT investing more than you're making at THIS STAGE of the game.

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Semi custom brand identity kits are for emerging online brands that need an affordable polished look. These pre-made brands are best for those who are just starting their business, who are on a tight budget, or who need a quick turnaround but still want to feel confident in their brand.

elevate your online presence

Semi Custom Brand Identity

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A brand strategy course designed for online businesses + personal brands to fully and clearly develop the foundation of your brand that sets the stage for major growth and impact.

Get some brand clarity and focus

Brand Strategy Blueprint

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A self-paced course + asset bundle to help you create a brand that looks LEGIT, communicates your bold brand message CLEARLY, and RESONATES with your target audience.

make your brand look legit

Signature Style Blueprint

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With the Brand Your Instagram mini-course and template bundle, you’ll map out a simple branded Instagram strategy paired with clear and compelling visuals so you can confidently attract and engage with your ideal client and finally combat the scattered and inconsistent feed that doesn’t reach the right people for your brand.

infuse your brand into your instagram

Brand Your Instagram

Educational content and creative resources designed to help you harness your creative genius and vision in the early stages of business so you can build your brand better and get to the next level faster.


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Each of these Showit website templates are designed with proven marketing strategies that will help you attract your ideal client and convert visitors into sales. They are designed to be affordable and budget-friendly so that no matter where you are in your business, a stunning and effective website is achievable.


Showit Website Templates

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If you invest in the right solution at the right time, you not only see the impact and results in your business, but you also feel empowered to take things to the next level. Explore the 4 stages of brand building and what you need at each level.

There are specific solutions for each stage of brand building that make the biggest impact.

Building a brand happens in STAGES.

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Take the quiz to find out where you're at on the brand-building roadmap and what you need to do next to effectively elevate your brand. You'll get a personalized action plan to figure out the best next step you need to take to elevate your brand to the next level.

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Tracey Aramoana

LOVE the bundle - it's increased our followers in a week and the engagement is so so much better.

Daysha Nova

This course has been truly helpful to set aside personal preferences and really hone in on the brand I am looking to create!

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By combining intentional strategy and thoughtful design, we can work together to develop a strong brand presence, strategize a workflow on your website, drive more sales, and be more intentional with your online presence to shift your brand to a higher level.

We’ll jump on a free clarity call to analyze your goals and figure out the best path to clarify & elevate your brand.

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