Grab these easy to use templates to instantly infuse your brand into your instagram.

It's time for SCROLL STOPPING posts.

You’re trying to learn how to harness the power of Instagram and all the features but you feel intimidated and wonder how everyone else makes it look so easy

You’re trying to grow your community and make sales but are hearing crickets and you’re ready to give up because of constantly getting zero engagement

You’re wasting time trying to design professional looking and scroll stopping posts for a well-branded feed but get stuck finding ideas on demand and don’t have time to figure it out

You get caught up in scrolling and consuming other content which ultimately drains your confidence by playing the comparison game

When you finally hit publish on a post you panic, second-guess if you should delete, and then stress if people will even like your content

Does this sound familiar?

As an online business you know that Instagram can be a key piece of your marketing success. But you’ve been going in circles trying to make it work and still have yet to see the fruits of your labor.

You’ve spent hours fumbling around Canva trying to create attention-grabbing graphics but still aren’t doing your brand justice on your feed. You’ve read all the free posts and listened to all the podcasts trying to figure out how the IG gurus are doing it, but you’re paralyzed by information overload and just aren’t sure how to apply it to your brand.

You know you should better brand your Instagram but you don’t know where to start.

Your ideal client is on Instagram, but you can’t seem to get them to land in your audience, engage with your posts, or convert to customers.

There is a REASON why so many businesses are on INSTAGRAM.

These days it's hard to find a successful account that doesn't use quality photos and well-designed graphics to fill their feed, and now yours will too. 

Sitting on the couch at the end of a long day, scrolling through posts, or flipping through stories, stopping every once in a while to skim the content. 

But - you didn’t catch her mid-scroll. She passed right by your post and didn’t even notice. She missed your content and might not know about all the amazingness you have to offer her.

The problem is that most posts start to look the same to the average scroller and it’s too easy for your post to get lost among them (even without the algorithm). People glaze over the text and images on their phones and it has become second nature to scroll without thinking.

So how do you fix this? How do you stop the scroll AND get her to actually read and engage with your post in order to build your brand and increase your sales?

With well-branded content and graphics that instantly grab their attention and entice them to stop scrolling and start engaging.

Let’s imagine what your ideal client is doing on Instagram...

with posts that get your audience excited and engaged


showing up on Instagram and sharing your message


in sharing, connecting, and booking ideal clients


about your content and the eye-catching posts you’re sharing


What would it feel like to be:

Imagine the sigh of RELIEF you can breathe when you can easily connect with ideal clients on IG without struggling to create an ON BRAND feed.

With the Brand Your Instagram template bundle, you’ll map out a simple branded Instagram strategy paired with clear and compelling visuals so you can confidently attract and engage with your ideal client and finally combat the scattered and inconsistent feed that doesn’t reach the right people for your brand.

a template bundle and branding guide to help you achieve a COHESIVE and WELL-BRANDED Instagram 


Brand Your Instagram

introducing the

This is what all those templates are missing. This bundle will not only give you easy to use templates that you can implement instantly, but it will also teach you how to use Instagram to visually and strategically present your brand and reach your people.

And unlike all the other template packs you can get your hands on, this bundle pairs design and strategy which is key in branding your Instagram the right way.

It’s the perfect combination of visual and strategy to amp up your presence on the platform while making it easier for you to produce branded content consistently.

and there are a lot of them!

This is NOT like all those other IG templates out there.

What makes the BYI bundle different?

Craft an irresistible Instagram that sets you apart by defining your visual style and learning how to use your brand voice

Design double-tap tempting graphics that create a consistent aesthetic with easy to use templates that are designed to stop the scroll AND get people to engage

Write an IG bio that instantly connects you with the right person and lets them know they are in the right place

Learn how to use each of the different features of Instagram with the right combination for your brand and audience

This bundle will help you:

Canva basics tutorial to get started using this incredible (free) tool

170+ Canva design templates for posts and stories

A 28-page PDF guide about branding your Instagram




Here’s what you’re going to get:

The Brand Your Instagram bundle is only $47 so that you can instantly upgrade your Instagram without having to invest time and money into a full course or custom templates from a designer.

When I created this, I wanted this to be a no-brainer purchase for you so I'm keeping the price enticingly low.

But you can have all of this for only $47!

It’s worth over $200!

You get instant access to the Instagram BRANDING guide, and done for you Canva TEMPLATES for posts, stories, reels and more.

Tracey Aramoana

LOVE the bundle - it's increased our followers in a week and the engagement is so so much better. I'm loving going through the templates and finding a groove that works for our biz.

Jennifer Edewaard

The BYI Bundle has truly been a powerful tool that has helped me to infuse my brand into my instagram. The training that she walks you through gives you a step by step in elevating what you already have and making it so you can better serve your audience, while building upon your authentic brand.

The template approach structures your Instagram content for you so you can say buh-bye to the second guessing and stressing.

With templates, you can quickly and easily create content because you have a process in place. You don’t have to spend hours on each graphic, overthinking every placement - they are already created for you.

Plus, not only are the templates made to look good on your feed, they’ve been designed with strategy in mind to entice engagement from your audience. As an Instagram veteran, I’ve learned what content is most engaging and I’ve built that into the templates.

With a quick update of colors, text, and images to match your brand, you can instantly batch create several posts at one time saving you hours of social media content creation every week. 

With these plug and play templates, you’re much more likely to stay consistent with your content.

STREAMLINE your content creation process with templates.

You wear a lot of hats as a business owner. You don’t have to be a designer too.

but, why templates?

Tired of watching other people build their brand and community while your posts get lost in the shuffle

Struggling to create consistent, scroll stopping content without wasting hours and never quite getting it “there”

Willing to show up, be visible online, and connect with people personally

Want to focus on intentional marketing strategies more than follower counts

Building a personal brand or online business and are ready to produce content with more ease 

This is for you if you are:

upgrade your gram

This template bundle is designed to help you elevate your brand on Instagram while engaging with followers and growing your community.

No more second guessing yourself and rewriting that post 

No more credit card charges to get custom designed graphics

No more hours wasted trying to get that graphic just right

It’s finally time to brand your Instagram, attract the right people, and grow your business on this platform in less time and with less money.

Don’t worry about people scrolling past your posts ANYMORE

You’ll get access to a PDF guide that breaks down the big-picture Instagram strategy for building your personal brand on Instagram, 170+ templates for posts, stories, carousels, and IGTV/Reels covers that are easily editable in Canva, and a video tutorial to learn how to use Canva and edit your templates.

Yes! These ready-made design templates are copied directly into your own Canva account. Every color, font, text, image, and element on these templates are editable, delete-able, or rearrange-able. They are designed with simple yet effective layouts that can be easily adapted to any brand. 

Canva is the world's easiest free design and editing software. I've made it even easier by including step-by-step video instructions!

It’s a completely free, online based program that anyone can sign up for. While there is a paid version that unlocks more features, you can use these templates with the free version. I used Canva for these because of how easy it is to access and use.

That's EXACTLY why I've designed these templates. They are made to plug and play. They are also super easy to customize - even for the tech-challenged. You’ll also get access to a video tutorial to learn how to use the program.

You will receive an email immediately after your purchase, giving you the link to access a resources page with all of the files, links, and video tutorials.

Yes! You can adapt these templates to use on Facebook, Facebook groups, Pinterest, and more. Feel free to use them for email newsletters, promotional materials, blog posts - whatever you want!

If you’re feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or confused about anything (templates or strategy) just shoot me an email and we’ll figure out a solution together.

Are you ready to learn how to create an on-brand Instagram?

The BYI bundle will help online business owners TRANSFORM their Instagram

it should be easier

Reminder: Instagram does not need to take up all of your time and be such a struggle.