Bridging the gap between strategy and design to deliver powerful branding and website solutions that empower you to build a brand of purpose and confidently step into the next level of success

Your business has EVOLVED and your BRAND needs to evolve with it.

You feel like your brand is all over the place and want it to look more cohesive. You have outgrown that templated logo and website design that helped you get started. You have a website, message or branding that doesn’t clearly represent your business anymore.

You are ready to make a long-term investment for your brand. You’re ready for the next level, to get support to grow your brand beyond what you can do on your own. You’ve been in business long enough for it to have changed and evolved and are known as an expert in your field, but it’s time to make some changes and take things to the next level.

Does this sound familiar?

Together we will connect the dots for a fully branded and well-thought experience. You'll have a timeless, future-proof brand that will outlast trends and grow with your business. A brand that connects you with the right person. A brand that makes the rest of your business building easier.

The dreams you have for your business are possible, starting with the right tools. Through our strategic process, I'll make sure your brand is built for growth for years to come. Together, we’ll bring your vision to life—so you can confidently take your business to the next level.

Through the power of STRATEGY and DESIGN, we'll take your business to its next level of SUCCESS.

I offer comprehensive services to work with you at all levels of your business

It's not just a new brand or website, it's ALIGNING the direction of your business and bringing it to life

Brand strategy — brand messaging — creative direction — brand identity — website strategy — website copy — website design — website development — website integrations — brand consulting

Each design package is customized according to your budget, timeline, and what will move the needle for your specific business.

How we can work TOGETHER

Establishing your brand foundation gives you an implementable branding framework that helps you confidently brand your online business. It consists of your brand strategy, messaging, and creative direction that work together to be your guide for years when making important marketing decisions.

With this foundation, you will gain more confidence and a deeper understanding of your brand, your audience, and your why so that you are equipped with a clear driving force behind your brand growth.You will know your ideal client so well they're gonna think you're stalking them and be able to speak to them so directly they will feel like you're in their head.

Brand STRATEGY services


Signature brand development workbook to help you begin exploring

30-minute strategy call that's a combination of business coaching and strategizing

Brand strategy + messaging development:
  + Brand goals
  + Market research
  + Brand mission
  + Brand vision
  + Brand purpose
  + Brand values
  + Brand positioning
  + Competitor analysis
  + Target audience study
  + Customer journey
  + Brand voice
  + Brand personality
  + Brand messaging
  + Creative direction

Brand strategy guide (PDF)

Your brand identity is the visual way you present your brand. Beyond what you see, it not only needs to look good but make sense for your brand too. Your brand identity needs to be polished as well as connected to your strategic foundation.

We will help to execute your design and deliver your messaging. I'll uncover the differentiating qualities that make your brand uniquely marketable to your dream clients and then translate that into an effective design. You'll be equipped with brand visuals that say the right thing to the right person with just one glimpse. 


Brand DESIGN services

1 brand identity concept with 2 rounds of refinements which includes:
  + Brand aesthetic / mood board
  + Color Palette
  + Typography hierarchy 
  + 1 Primary logo
  + 2 Logo variations
  + 1 Brand emblem
  + 1 Brand mark
  + 2 Signature brand patterns
Brand identity guidelines (PDF)

All logo files are delivered in popular file formats for multiple uses

Your website needs to work for your business even when you're not. By developing a strategic online presence you will be able to present your brand well, reach the right people, and convert visitors for your goals.

We'll work together to determine your objectives & audience and then use a content-driven approach to design a strategic and conversion-oriented website. I'll put myself in your audiences' shoes to create a beautiful and functional website that represents the true value of your brand.

You'll have a website that makes them get lost in the scroll because they just don't want it to end.


Custom WEBSITE design

  + 30-minute strategy call
  + Website strategy and content outline

Design mockups with 2 rounds of refinements:
  + Home
  + About
  + Services
  + Blog/Podcast 

Development of pages that could include:
  + Home
  + About
  + Services
  + Contact/FAQ
  + Gallery/Portfolio/Work
  + Sales Page
  + Shop/product
  + Resources/favorites
  + Blog/Podcast 
  + Single blog post
  + Blog category
  + Coming soon 
  + Instagram links
  + 404 page
  + Legal (terms + conditions and privacy policy)

  + Domain connection
  + Blog migration
  + Website training video

Launch + support

website design + development

brand identity

brand strategy + messaging

thorough discovery

Here's what you can expect when you work with me

The goal isn't to just give you a logo or a design, it's to provide you with the CLARITY, FOUNDATION, and ALIGNMENT that you need to take your business to the next level.

Launch + support

website design + development

brand identity

brand strategy + messaging

thorough discovery

Thorough discovery

Every project kicks off by immersing myself in your business, and developing a strategy that dives deeply into what will work best for your business. The discovery process allows us to understand your brand, your audience,  and your story. 

Once you've booked your project, you'll get a welcome guide and project details. You'll also get questionnaire(s) based on your project and a short list of items needed before we can officially begin our project.  Then we will meet together on your project start date for a strategy call to go over all the details of the project.

Launch + support

website design + development

brand identity

brand strategy + messaging

thorough discovery

Brand strategy + messaging

Your brand strategy is your playbook for your brand's foundation and growth. It's a documented plan to guide your business. It also serves as a foundation as we move through the rest of our process. We refer back to this document often to make sure everything we build on the visual side is aligning with this foundation. 

Instead of just looking at your business right now, we focus on where you want your business to be in the future. We look at your biggest goals and create a plan of action to reach those goals through your brand strategy, identity, and website.

Launch + support

website design + development

brand identity

brand strategy + messaging

thorough discovery

Brand identity

This is when we start to conceptualize and bring the brand to life through visuals. I'll take everything gathered in the discovery and strategy phases to put together the visual identity of your brand.

You will be presented with a brand concept that shows how your entire brand will come together. It will include the aesthetic, colors, fonts, logos, and additional elements so you can see how your brand will look in application.

Launch + support

website design + development

brand identity

brand strategy + messaging

thorough discovery

Website design + development

After we've nailed down your brand messaging and visuals, you'll be equipped with a strong foundation to bring through your website. We will take the things we developed in those phases and apply them to your site. Starting with strategy and copy before website design and website development, we will build a website that looks beautiful and functions well. 

To finish off the website phase, we can integrate external systems and processes into your site to create a seamless workflow for your audience and business back end.

Launch + support

website design + development

brand identity

brand strategy + messaging

thorough discovery

Launch + support

Once everything is complete and we've gone over every little detail, we will launch your new brand and website. We will support you every step of the way to make sure your hard work doesn't go unnoticed. 

All clients get a comprehensive off-boarding package that includes education, empowerment, and access to resources to support you beyond our time together.

The latest work

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April Arnold

I loved working with Rachel! She understood my brand identity so quickly and created beautiful branding material that reflects my brand so perfectly! The website design helped pull everything together.

Michaela Beel

Since launching the newly designed site, I continue to get steady inquiries and compliments on how clean, easy to navigate, and beautifully tailored it is to me and my business. The highest compliment was when a client told me the website feels just like I do in person! 

Kiesha Yokers

You nailed it! It's amazing. I love it. Everything looks really good. The blog looks so good. The website looks so good. I can't stop staring at it. I'm just in awe. You nailed it - exactly what I was looking for. I feel so heard and I wish the rest of the world could hear me like this!

Valerie Thomas

You really knocked it out of the park while making it enjoyable and time efficient. I spent a long time looking into designers and chatting with them, and nothing felt like the perfect fit till I found you! I really appreciate your patience and insightful guidance and expertise with everything.

Alexa Davidson

I now feel clarity and direction for my business that relieves the confusion and overwhelm of not knowing what and how to move my business forward. I felt held back by the inability to articulate my message and visualize my brand. Now I feel propelled by both.

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By combining intentional strategy and thoughtful design, we can work together to develop a strong brand presence, strategize a workflow on your website, drive more sales, and be more intentional with your online presence to shift your brand to a higher level.

We’ll jump on a free clarity call to analyze your goals and figure out the best path to clarify & elevate your brand.


get started

Didn't see your question answered? Shoot me an email or DM.

I do work with clients on an ongoing basis in several different ways & would love to see if it's a good fit. If I might be a good fit, please contact me for more information! 

Do you offer retainer services? 

Absolutely! I aim to create websites that are easy for you to manage. I will record a screenshare video training detailing the ins & outs of your new site so you can learn to use it moving forward. I also offer 30 days of post-launch support as a part of all website projects in case you have questions after your site goes live.

I'm not very tech-savvy. Can you help us learn to use our new website? 

While I do understand that certain situations only require a single logo, I believe that a truly intentional brand needs to be developed as a whole. If you need a simple design to get started, please visit the template shop for a semi-custom brand design and website template.

I only need a logo design, can you help?

I primarily specialize in Showit, though also work on Squarespace occasionally. Not sure what's best for your brand? I am happy to help recommend the one that would suit your specific needs best.

What website platforms do you work on? 

When the brand or site design concept is presented to you, you will see it as a whole so you can get an idea of the big picture. Because I spend so much time on research and strategy, I can better develop, create, and present a solution for you, and I typically need to refine rather than revise. 

Is there a revision process for the designs?

I am happy to split your project total into two, three, our four installments depending on what works best for you. 

What kind of payment options do you offer? 

They might be answered here

Have a few QUESTIONS first?

You might not be ready for this level of support just yet, and that's ok. Custom design is really only needed for brands that need super specific, high-level solutions. This is why I've created templates and resources to help you build your brand the right way in the early stages of business.

Not quite READY for this stage yet?

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