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Making faith-based business decisions


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Making decisions in business isn’t always easy. It can be challenging, overwhelming, and even frightening to have to make all the decisions, big and small, on your own. You never know if you’re really making the right decision and sometimes you just have to go with your gut. Most often, you end up faring well, but sometimes things don’t work out in your favor. But the good news is that you don’t have to make these decisions on your own. There is someone you can lean on to help you make decisions in business. Someone who will guide you through. Someone that will even be there when things aren’t so easy.

Making faith based business decisions was one of the best things I’ve done for my business. I used to be like that – lost and confused, wishing for the best outcome when I made decisions. Then I started trusting in my faith more. I’ve always been a believer, but my faith has grown so much over the last few years and I think that is due in large part to how much I’ve incorporated faith into my business. When I stopped trying to make all the decisions myself and started praying over them first, I found that I was less worried, less stressed, and overall most confident in the decisions I was making.

If you’re like me and desire a stronger faith in your business, you can have it too. Trusting in God for even the smallest decisions you have to make can go a long way. I know it might not always be easy. It may not even come naturally to you. But the more you do it, the easier it will become. And before you know it, every time you are faced with a decision in your business, you will be looking to the Lord first and making decisions with more ease and confidence. That doesn’t mean you will always get it right. That doesn’t mean it will always be clear to you what to do. But it does mean that you have someone by your side as you walk through this journey of entrepreneurship. That you can make decisions for your business without fearing the outcome each time.

As business owners, we make so many decisions that can affect our business each day, more than you probably ever imagined. But trusting in your faith as you make these decisions is just one more step in building a business with faith.

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