5 email lists to subscribe to and what you will get from them

In an effort to keep my inbox from overflowing, I don’t subscribe to many email lists. Inbox space is valuable, and I’m sure you feel the same way too. If I do hand over my email, its because I believe I will be getting great value in return.

There are a handful of lists I’ve joined over the years that I think are really worth it, and you might want to free up some inbox space for them too.

Favorite Email Lists Favorite Email Lists
  1. Jenna Kutcher: If you don’t know who Jenna Kutcher is, you’ve been living under a rock. You probably already know her and all the amazing things she does. She gives away such valuable information through her email list (and podcast for that matter), and this subscribe is a no brainer. If you’re not already signed up for her list, there are a ton of different ways you can join and freebies you can get just for signing up. On top of that, she delivers regular knowledge into your inbox about managing your business and upleveling your game.

  2. Spruce Rd.: I always love reading emails from Jamie. In fact, I love them so much that I usually will read them that day instead of letting them sit in my inbox until later. She sends great tips and advice for freelance designers and business owners and says it in such an easy to read and relatable way.

  3. Val Marie Paper: Val’s words are always so encouraging. There is just no other way to say it. Every time I read an email from her I feel like she gets me. Like she’s going through the same things, and like I’m not alone. She gives such great advice for living intentionally and deepening your faith. Not to mention the immensely valuable freebies she offers just for joining her list too. Her monthly emails pack a big punch and are well worth the read every time.

  4. Ashlyn Carter: Ashlyn is the queen of copywriting in my book, and I gain so much from her emails and blog posts that I couldn’t leave this one out. I love her writing style and reading her words is so much fun that you almost don’t even realizing the knowledge she is dropping on you. She offers so much valuable information about copywriting and more in such a witty way that you forget you are learning and just soak in the information.

  5. Katie O. Selvidge: Katie is like one of those spirit animals for me. Everything she says gets an Amen and praise hands from me. She offers such great reminders about business and life and how to make them work together beautifully and I truly believe our brains are on the same wavelength sometimes. If you like following along with me, you’ll love Katie’s emails as well.

I value your inbox space too and my goal is to never take that for granted. If you want to connect with me on a more personal level, drop in your email below and I promise to only send you emails that you’ll actually want to open.



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