Are these things holding you back from starting a business?

If you are looking for a way out of your 9-5 job, the good news is that you’re not alone. In fact, a Gallup Poll last year revealed that 85% of people weren’t happy in their jobs. It’s safe to say that working a job you don’t like much (even if it pays really well) is not sustainable. 

In an ultra competitive job market, changing your job or your career is harder than ever. Sure, every now and then the thought of entrepreneurship enters your mind, but how realistic is that? Well, actually, more realistic than you think. But before you can move forward in the world of entrepreneurship, you have to make sure you stop saying these things to yourself.


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I wouldn’t know where to begin

No entrepreneur really knows where to begin to start with. That’s why there are a plethora of business mentors who will provide support and guidance through the early stages of building your startup. They will help you to build your business plan and find the funding that you need to make your ideas a reality and completely change the trajectory of your life. And let’s not forget all the free help and advice out there on sites like this one.  

I don’t have the skills

Sure you do. It’s just that the repetitive nature of your job is preventing you from feeling as though you’re using them. Nonetheless, as much as you may loathe your current job, it’s still giving you the transferable skills and experience that will help you to establish yourself as an entrepreneur. Moreover, there are more opportunities than ever to develop new skills in your free time through online learning. Whether it’s through HTML training classes or an online MBA, educating yourself can give you the inside track when it comes to building and running your own business. Moreover, it will imbue you with skills which you can use yourself and pass on to your employees saving you money on outsourced help.

I don’t have the experience

No entrepreneur comes to the world of business fully formed with all the answers in their back pockets. Entrepreneurship is a steep learning curve, but your prior experiences (however nightmarish) will be surprisingly helpful in running your nascent business. You will learn from your former employer’s mistakes, especially when it comes to motivating and rewarding your employees.

I don’t have the contacts

In an age of unsurpassed interconnectivity, there’s never been a better time to make them. Get on the phone, get on LinkedIn, talk to your business mentor, attend networking events. When you get to know people, you’ll also get to know the people that they know and you’ll slowly begin to develop your own network of contacts.

I don’t have the time

Make the time. Seriously. It’s that simple. As hard as you may work and as punishing as your schedule may be, there’s always time to carry out market research, put in a little work on your business plan, work through your cash flow projections, make calls to prospective suppliers and start laying the foundations for a healthy and functioning business.

I can’t endure the risk

So don’t! Start your business off as a side hustle. Build your brand, make contacts, cultivate a small but loyal customer base. Nobody’s saying you have to go in completely cold. Stick out your old job for as long as you can and you’ll know that you’ll be able to step out of it and into a fully functioning enterprise that’s primed for growth.


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