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A few years ago in the early stages of my business, I wasn’t seeing much progress. I always felt like I was scattered and overwhelmed, never knowing what to do next. Making decisions, even the simplest ones, was always a challenge. And then one day I realized that I was going about it all wrong. Instead of putting God first in my business and trusting His will, I was trying to do it on my own. I was trying to make the decisions and choose my path without consulting Him first. But once I started praying over everything in my business, things changed. I saw His light. I saw His way. And it all turned around.

How I pray for my business

After shifting my business to a place of open arms and trusting in the Lord more, I was able to manage my business from a place of peace and confidence. Prayer and faith were already a large part of my life, so naturally they should be a large part of my business too. I look at my business as my ministry; my way of being a light others and using my God given gifts to help others. My life is firmly rooted in my faith and I wanted my business to be too. I knew this from the beginning of my business, but for some reason never carried that through the daily tasks of running a business. So I started to pray for my business. I pray for my work, I pray for the right words to share, I pray over tough emails, I pray over financial decisions, and I pray for everything in between. Doing this helps me feel more comfortable and confident in the work that I am doing. Not so much confident in that I am sure I will always get it right, but more so confident in knowing that there is always something there for me no matter what the outcome.

Every business owner needs a Bible

I often reference my bible specifically for my business. I believe that so much wisdom and guidance can be found in the words on those pages and can be applied to our businesses too. When praying for my business, it is so helpful to know what God has to say about these situations and how I can handle them. With so many resources out there about how to run a business, it’s easy to get sidetracked and pulled away from the root of our beliefs and values. The Bible can serve as the ultimate business book on how to run your business and can encourage you in ways you never imagined.

Do business confidently through prayer

Being a business owner can be hard. But with prayer, the stress and worry of doing those things can be lessened. With God by my side, I can do business more confidently, and you can too. As encouragement for your journey, I’ve put together a free guide on praying for your business featuring 5 business owners and how they pray for their business. My hope is that their words will encourage you in praying more for your own business.

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