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Creating an organized content library for social media


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Have you ever pulled out your phone to post to social media, armed with the perfect photo, and then heard crickets when it came to the words to pair with it? If you’ve struggled with what to say in your social captions, I have a trick to save you – a content library.

Having a content library will save you from being stuck in this situation. It will ensure that you always have a caption to pair with your photos and that there is a purpose to the captions you are using. Let’s dive in because this is a good one.

What is a content library and why should you have one?

If you’re wondering what exactly I mean by a content library, let me explain it better. It’s like having a bank of captions that you can pull from anytime you need to post on social media. It’s creating an endless list of content that you can use on your favorite social media platform that serves a purpose for your audience and your business.

Instead of staring at the screen wondering what to write, you can go to your library that is stocked full of posts you’ve thought through, edited, and prepared ahead of time.

The best part about this process is that you can batch write a ton of captions at one time and then pull from the strategically when scheduling your posts for each week. It gives you a pool of related, valuable, purposeful content to share with your readers so you don’t hear those pesky crickets anymore.

Sounds good right?

Batch writing good content is the first step, but keeping it organized is how you make it really work for you.

How I organize my library

I use Google Sheets to organize my content library (and social media schedule for that matter). I have columns for each topic that I post about so I can easily pull content from that topic when needed.

And then every so often I set aside time to write. Writing several posts at one time allows me to get in the writing groove and think through the strategy as a whole. I will write as many posts as I can during that time so they are ready to go when I need them.

On top of that, I have a place waiting for me when something comes to mind that I want to share but I’m not in a place to share it. If I have a thought or idea that I want to share later, I pop into my Google Sheets (most of the time on my phone) and drop in the thought so I can save it for later.

Scheduling + Posting

Once you have your content library filled to the brim with great content ready to be shared with the world, you have to actually share it. I schedule all my social media posts ahead of time using Planoly and Buffer. Once a week I stock the queue for the following week with posts for each day using the content I’ve already created in my library.

Talk about condensing an already time-consuming process! Having content ready to go when you’re scheduling your posts can cut your social media time in half, if not more.

By working this process into your workload, you will make social media a little bit easier.

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