This is not your average ideal client avatar worksheet. This is a deep dive into clearly defining and truly understanding the minds of your ideal audience.

There are a LOT of "ideal client" exercises available for free. But most of them are severely lacking in true guidance for you. On top of that, this is one of the most important things for your entire brand. And I promise I am not exaggerating.

Once you understand this part of your brand, everything else becomes a little bit easier. 

Client PERSONA playbook

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Worksheets to clearly develop their demographics, psychographics, and persona to reference in the rest of your brand building.

Client persona worksheets


Psychographic factors are used to describe information that gives us insight about buyer motivations.

How to identify their psychographics


Demographic features include the unique characteristics that provide factual information about your ideal client's demographics.

How to define their demographics


what's included

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If you struggle with connecting with your ideal audience, it might be because you’re talking to everyone instead of talking specifically to your ideal customer. And that's probably because you don't really know who you are trying to talk to. Download the Client Persona Playbook to work through everything you need to know about your ideal audience so you can start attracting more of them.

Take a DEEP DIVE into understanding the minds of your ideal clients

Clearly define exactly who you are trying to reach AND understand everything about them