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Custom tailored brand, website, and marketing solutions for online brands

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have a brand you've never connected with and need a fresh look

have outgrown that templated logo and website design that helped you get started

have a website, message or branding that doesn’t clearly represent your business anymore

feel like your brand is all over the place and want to look more cohesive

recognize the value of building an authentic brand and clear message to accelerate your growth, and position yourself as a market leader

are ready to make a long-term investment for your brand

haven’t even launched your business altogether, but you have the capital to hire the best team and build a brand the right way

Maybe you:

Like you’ve grown your brand well, but have hit a wall and need some help. 

in your brand?


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Your business has evolved and your brand needs to evolve with it.

You’re ready for the next level, to get support to grow your brand beyond what you can do on your own. You’ve been in business long enough for it to have changed and evolved and are known as an expert in your field, but it’s time to make some changes and take things to the next level.

You might feel a little stuck and cramped within the confines of your current branding. You’re refining, honing, and streamlining your business and you need a partner to come alongside you in aligning your brand with your growth. Your brand has served you well until this point, but you’ve pieced it together over the years and are ready to refine it into a cohesive, consistent brand that matches the level of your business and can take you to new heights.

You are probably crunched for time because you're knee-deep in running your business, and you're ready to invest in a long-term, strategic partnership as your brand evolves. You need help evaluating your current position and developing a strategy to move forward.

Draft a thoughtful brand strategy

Design a strategic brand and website

Develop a consistent marketing experience

Take your brand to a higher level

Whether that’s helping you build your brand from scratch or refine what you’ve already built, you can trust me to:

I won’t just lead you to the path, I will guide you through it.

My custom brand services are designed to help online personal brands shift to the next level of brand building using my signature Intentional Brand Framework with a more in-depth approach. 

By combining intentional strategy and thoughtful design, we can work together to develop a strong brand presence, strategize a workflow on your website, drive more sales, and be more intentional with your online presence to shift your brand to a higher level.

With custom tailored brand, website and marketing solutions we can partner together to strategically bring your brand to the next level.

DIY branding has served you well until now, but at this point you need something more in order to get to the next level of building your brand. 

most popular package

+ Two 30-minute strategy calls
+ Business + industry research
+ Signature brand strategy + messaging
+ Brand strategy guide (PDF)
+ 1 brand design concept with 2 rounds of refinements
+ Brand identity guide (PDF)
+ 6 social media templates, editable in Canva
+ Curation of 20 on-brand stock photos
+ Links to purchase fonts
+ Printing + file type guide (PDF)
+ All logo files delivered in popular file formats for multiple uses
+ Signature website strategy
+ Website content outline
+ Website design + development on Showit, Squarespace, or Shopify
+ Integration of email marketing
+ Website training videos
+ Launch graphics + support


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established entrepreneurs who are looking to elevate their online presence and position themselves as the expert with custom tailored solutions. This is for the online business owner who has been in business a few years, gone the DIY route before, and is ready to get serious about their business by streamlining and elevating their online presence.

perfect for

Work 1:1 with me on completely custom brand strategy + messaging, brand identity design, and/or website design and development from scratch. These projects are tailored specifically to each client's needs to help online brands take their brand to the next level in a completely custom and unique-to-them way.

Investment: starting at $3000
Timeline: 4-8 weeks

custom branding for experienced entrepreneurs

Signature package

+ Full brand identity customized from template
+ 6 social media templates, editable in Canva
+ Curation of 10 on-brand stock photos
+ Links to purchase fonts
+ Brand identity guide (PDF)
+ Printing + file type guide (PDF)
+ All logo files delivered in popular file formats for multiple uses
+ A fully customizable website design + matching blog design for Showit 
+ Separate customizable mobile design 
+ Getting started with Showit checklist
+ Access to the website building tutorial and resource library for support
+ Website + content planner 
+ Multiple canvas design options specific to your template
+ Launch checklist + templates


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emerging online brands that need an affordable polished look. Semi-custom design will help you build your brand until you know your business and audience well enough to invest the time and money needed to create something custom. This package is best for those who are just starting their business, who are on a tight budget, or who need a quick turnaround but still want to feel confident in their brand.

perfect for

A semi-custom brand and/or website built from a brand identity kit and website template of your choice. Not completely custom, but feels completely custom. We can customize a template for you in 1-3 weeks. It's also recommended that you enroll in the Brand Strategy Blueprint course to maximize your results.

Investment: starting at $1200
Timeline: 1-3 weeks

semi-custom branding for emerging entrepreneurs

Starter package

+ Business + industry research
+ Signature brand strategy + messaging
+ Brand strategy guide (PDF)
+ 1 brand design concept with 2 rounds of refinements
+ Brand identity guide (PDF)
+ Marketing templates editable in Canva
+ Printing + file type guide (PDF)
+ All logo files delivered in popular file formats for multiple uses
+ Signature website strategy
+ Copywriting and editing
+ Website design + development on Showit, Squarespace, or Shopify
+ Integration of email marketing
+ Advanced sales + marketing integration
+ Launch graphics + support
+ Voxer access throughout contract
+ Strategy calls once a month
+ Live website training session (with recording)


elite entrepreneurs who are ready to take their brand to the highest level by expanding offerings, creating more impact, and generating more income. This is for 6 and 7 figure entrepreneurs that typically employ a team and are looking for ongoing brand management support. These partnerships are meant for serious entrepreneurs who have high level goals and need high level experience to bring it to life. (limited availability)

perfect for

If you need a trusted expert to guide you in bringing your brand to new heights, our team will build a package specifically tailored to your needs and your goals. When we work together in this way, I am fully on your team. You're not only getting a designer, but also a strategist, coach, sounding board, support, and friend to build your brand with you the whole way. 

Investment: starting at $6000
Timeline: 8-12 weeks

Full brand partnership for elite entrepreneurs

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here’s how we can work together

we work 1:1 with brands at 3 different levels

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Online business owners and personal brands who have clients and customers they want to serve well. Coaches, consultants, designers, photographers, educators, speakers, and authors - you’re my people. 

People who are open to letting someone “inside” the core of your business in a way that goes deeper than surface level design band-aids.

Brands that are ready to partner with a designer and strategist they don’t have to micromanage, who can confidently nail the results you’re after. 

I work best with:

is this you?

my clients

Rhiannon Bosse

Rachel truly learns what your desires are for your brand or business and works to make that happen. Her designs were so in touch with what I had dreamed up.

Lauren Olson

Rachel was the exact person, with the right programs, that I had been searching for. After previously working with other designers, I found Rachel to be more innovative, on-trend, and ahead of the curve when it comes to website design.

Dianne Schmucker

She helped me tremendously in gaining more clarity and also showed me a whole new way of running a business. I'm excited to see how my business will be different being able to run it with more intention and knowing what I'm working for instead of just winging it.

Brand strategy intensive
Brand identity design
Website strategy + content
Website design + development
Launch + training
Ongoing support as needed


the experience

This is real, in-depth, personalized business development. We are looking at the whole picture and building your business in a strategic way so that it allows you to grow your business from a place of confidence instead of confusion.

Yes, we do that through gorgeous brand, website, and marketing designs, but only after we’ve worked through in-depth strategy and positioning for your business first.

This is Where strategy meets design and creates a brand that elevates your business to the next level

This isn’t another pretty branding package.

let's get started

We’ll jump on a free clarity call to analyze your existing brand visuals and messages and we’ll figure out the best path to clarify & elevate your brand.

I’d love to chat!

Think this might be you? 

I love working with like-minded individuals that I connect well with, who are passionate about what they do, & who are ready for big change in their brand. 

Yes please! Enroll me now!

Start with my brand strategy course to establish a clear foundation so you can build your brand with intention.

Not quite ready for this stage yet?

I do work with clients on an ongoing basis in several different ways & would love to see if it's a good fit. If we might be a good fit, please contact me for more information! 

Do you offer retainer services? 

Absolutely! I aim to create websites that are easy for you to manage. I will record a screenshare video training detailing the ins & outs of your new site so you can learn to use it moving forward. I also offer 30 days of post-launch support as a part of all website projects in case you have questions after your site goes live.

I'm not very tech-savvy. Can you help us learn to use our new website? 

While I do understand that certain situations only require a single logo, I believe that a truly intentional brand needs to be developed as a whole. If you need a simple design to get started, please visit the template shop for a semi-custom brand design and website template.

I only need a logo design can you help?

I primarily specialize in Showit and Squarespace websites, though also work on Shopify too. Not sure what's best for your brand? We are happy to help recommend the one that would suit your specific needs best.

What website platforms do you work on? 

When the brand or site design concept is presented to you, you will see it as a whole so you can get an idea of the big picture. Because I spend so much time on research and strategy, I can better develop, create, and present a solution for you, and we typically need to refine rather than revise. 

Is there a revision process for the designs?

I am happy to split your project total into two, three, our four installments depending on what works best for you. 

What kind of payment options do you offer? 

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