I believe in delivering a strategy-first approach to branding so you can ELEVATE your brand and AMPLIFY your impact

From brand strategy and design to website layout and function, I’ll help you take your brand from an idea in your head to something everyone wants a part of.

With the right combination of strategy and design, your brand is primed for unparalleled growth.

It doesn’t have to be so complicated

Are you feeling behind because it seems like you won’t ever be able to get your brand to LOOK and FUNCTION like everyone else’s?

With an intentional combination of strategy, messaging, design, and function we will bridge the gap between strategy and design for a brand that makes more sense.

so you can continually elevate your brand and drive growth for your business

To educate, equip, and empower you to find CONFIDENCE and CLARITY

My mission

When you focus on building your brand one step at a time, we can get your brand to the place where you instantly attract the right people, sales are flowing and clients are singing your praises, and you are confidently empowered to put your business out there. 

Let's talk about how it can be.

What if branding was LESS confusing
intimidating, and expensive and MORE straightforward, 
empowering, and accessible?

work with me

learn from me

If this is YOU, then we'll be a great fit.

who are stuck with a brand that lacks clarity, strategy, alignment, and cohesion. 



I work with

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Are you an elite entrepreneur who needs custom tailored solutions?

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Are you an experienced entrepreneur who needs more guidance + support?

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Are you an emerging entrepreneur ready to tackle the DIY brand?

Where's your starting point?

There's no one size fits all solution for branding. It depends on where you're at in the journey. Wherever you are on your brand-building journey, you shouldn't have to empty the piggy bank to create a quality brand. If you invest in the right solution at the right time, you not only see the impact and results in your business, but you also feel empowered to take things to the next level.

There are specific solutions for each stage of brand building that make the biggest impact.

Building a brand happens in STAGES.

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get a clear strategy

As you build your brand in the early stages you need templates, courses, and resources tailored for EMERGING entrepreneurs to build a strong FOUNDATION for their brand. The Brand Strategy Blueprint course is where you need to start.

You need a clear strategy and strong foundation


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Start with a template

You have a good FOUNDATION for your brand and are ready to GROW but need help putting it out there in the best way possible. It's time to build on your foundation and IMPROVE your online presence.

It's time to focus on your brand visuals and website 

growing and amplifying

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Partner with me for POWERFUL custom tailored branding and website solutions that EMPOWER you to build a brand of purpose and CONFIDENTLY step into the HIGHEST level of success.

Step into the next level with me by your side.


Take the quiz to find out where you're at on the brand-building roadmap and what you need to do next to effectively elevate your brand. You'll get a personalized action plan to figure out the best next step you need to take to elevate your brand to the next level.

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Lauren Olson

After previously working with other designers, I found Rachel to be more innovative, on-trend, and ahead of the curve.

Rhiannon Bosse

Rachel truly learns what your desires are for your brand or business and works to make that happen. Her designs were so in touch with what I had dreamed up.

Dianne Schmucker

She helped me tremendously in gaining more clarity and also showed me a whole new way of running a business. 

I’m passionate about educating and empowering women to grow their brand with confidence and clarity by helping them take action.

The intersection of strategy and design is my zone of genius and over the years I've developed a deep understanding of branding.

Building an online brand shouldn’t be so confusing and overwhelming.

And my goal is to make it easier for you.

With a decade of knowledge building brands and websites, I help online brands build an INTENTIONAL and ALIGNED brand from start to finish to get real GROWTH and IMPACT.

I'm Rachel

I approach brand building with big picture thinking instead of focusing on just one piece of the puzzle.

I thoughtfully combine strategy and design in each stage of the brand building process for a more effective outcome and better results.

I take the headache and confusion out of the process by making it easy and fun to build your brand so you feel energized and excited about your brand.

Your brand becomes my brand, and I comb through every detail just like I do for my own business in order to help you get the best results.

I’ll be your brand building bestie through the whole brand building process (not just a part of it) and we will bring your vision to life together.

Here’s what makes me different

But I’m NOT like a lot of other designers OUT THERE.

in total

10+ years

Studied online branding 

to build their brands

100+ clients

Worked with

in sales

5+ million

helped clients make

What makes me QUALIFIED to help you build your brand?

In a collaborative experience
Strategy first, design second
Business that supports life

With honesty and integrity
Focusing on quality over quantity
With empowering support

Here’s how I operate

Intentionally Designed was built on a foundation of INTENTION and rooted in PURPOSE.

strategy led | intentionally rooted | purpose driven

take it one step at a time

end the comparison game

let go of perfection

I know you're dying to upgrade your brand but slow your roll a little. If we're going to build that sought-after brand together there are a few things you need to take care of first:

I know it feels hard right now. SPOILER ALERT: it gets easier