let me help

But you aren’t quite sure how to do it or where to even start.

You have something 
special to share with the world.

If you need help getting rid of the overwhelm so you can gain some momentum, you’re in the right place.

With a brand, website, and digital marketing assets that don’t look good and aren’t working well but you don’t know how to make it better without feeling stressed or spending hours trying to figure it out

Overwhelmed with doing all the things (that never get the results you want or need) and feeling behind because it seems like they won’t ever be able to get their brand to look and function like everyone else’s

Confused on how to effectively market your business in this noisy digital world

Tired, stressed, and stuck wasting time trying to figure out the secret to success

Doubting your skills and experience and thinking you aren’t cut out for this entrepreneurship thing

You might have found yourself

minus the mistakes

And I knew I needed to share everything I’d learned with other women like me who were in the same boat.

Because this method, this process, and these results — they can be yours too.

I started with the strategy first and the design second and things made so much more sense.

I did my research and figured out what my audience actually wants and needs from me and I didn’t feel like building my brand was a guessing game anymore.

I understood how a brand needed to be built and crafted my own signature 3 part framework that kept me focused and on track.

I finally saw the results I’d been chasing for far too long and my business grew without the constant stress and struggle. 

And here’s what happened:

This time with a more strategic approach.

So I took a step back and started from the beginning.

I’m not proud of these mistakes, but they definitely taught me a lot about building and growing a successful brand.

My mistakes were what showed me where I needed to focus my attention. 

I changed my brand design and tweaked my colors way more than I’d like to admit.
I worried about the way my website looked or how many Instagram followers I had.
I created new offerings before I had mastered the one I had already created.
I did the marketing part all wrong and expected the sales to roll in without any real sales strategy. 

I made all kinds of mistakes when I was first trying to build my brand.

Sometimes it felt like I was just taking a shot in the dark and crossing my fingers that it would work.


I used to throw spaghetti at the wall, hoping something would           

show me where to start

From brand strategy and design to website layout and function, and even marketing design and execution I’ll help you take your brand from an idea in your head to something everyone wants a part of.

No confusing concepts. No complicated tech. No overdone designs. No more wasting time. Just clear, strategic, and effective brand building that gets you the results you’ve been waiting for.

With the right combination of strategy and design, your brand is primed for unparalleled growth.

That’s where I come in.

But only if you take action on that and get your brand out there the right way.

You have the potential to make a major            on the world.


I believe that online brand success isn’t reserved for the Jenna Kutchers of the world. You can have that success too with the right combination of strategy and design.

Building an online brand shouldn’t be so confusing and overwhelming.

And my goal is to make it easier for you.

I educate, equip, and empower emerging online personal brands to grow their brand with confidence and clarity through strategically built and well-designed branding, websites, and digital marketing that get real results without doubting themselves or wondering what steps to take next.

My goal is to help you build a brand that allows you to market and grow your business with confidence and clarity, so you can stand-out in the crowd, make consistent sales, and build a business that supports your life well. 

I'm Rachel

Meet your online brand building           


I help online personal brands elevate their online presence to get real growth and impact.

I approach brand building with big picture thinking instead of focusing on just one piece of the puzzle.

I thoughtfully combine strategy and design in each stage of the brand building process for a more effective outcome and better results.

I take the headache and confusion out of the process by making it easy and fun to build your brand so you feel energized and excited about your brand.

Your brand becomes my brand, and I comb through every detail just like I do for my own business in order to help you get the best results.

I’ll be your brand building bestie through the whole brand building process (not just a part of it) and we will bring your vision to life together.

Here’s what makes me different

But I’m not like a lot of other designers out there.

Rhiannon Bosse

Rachel truly learns what your desires are for your brand or business and works to make that happen. Her designs were so in touch with what I had dreamed up.

Lauren Olson

Rachel was the exact person, with the right programs, that I had been searching for. After previously working with other designers, I found Rachel to be more innovative, on-trend, and ahead of the curve when it comes to website design.

Dianne Schmucker

She helped me tremendously in gaining more clarity and also showed me a whole new way of running a business. I'm excited to see how my business will be different being able to run it with more intention and knowing what I'm working for instead of just winging it.

in total

10+ years

Studied online branding 

to build their brands

100+ clients

Worked with

in sales

5+ million

helped clients make

What makes me qualified to help you build your brand?

in a collaborative experience


With empowering support


focusing on quality over quantity


with honesty + integrity


Here’s how I operate

I’m passionate about educating and empowering women to grow their brand with confidence and clarity by helping them take action.

I want you to feel equipped and empowered.

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