This will help you learn how to build a brand.

Custom brand solutions aren't for everyone. In fact, there are several steps you need to take before you get there. There are specific solutions for each stage of brand building that make the biggest impact. You will better serve your business by investing in the right solutions for where you're at now instead of trying to jump from A to Z.

Wherever you are on your brand-building journey, you shouldn't have to empty the piggy bank to create a quality online presence. If you invest in the right solution at the right time when building your brand, you not only see the impact and results in your business, but you also feel empowered to take things to the next level.

Building a brand happens in stages.

Pull it all together for an elevated online presence in just a few weeks.


Buy a website template to customize yourself (or let us do it for you).


Elevate your brand's visuals with a semi-custom brand so you have your logo, colors, and fonts established.


Clarify and define your brand foundation because everything else is built from here.


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Building your BRAND on a budget or tight timeline?

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  • Fully responsive and customizable website template with all pages included in demo
  • SEO and blogging power of Wordpress
  • Separate customizable mobile design 
  • Template-specific copy guide
  • Template-specific help guides built directly into the template
  • Access to the resource library for support
  • Bonus resources

These premium Showit website templates are for emerging online brands that need an affordable polished look. These templates are best for those who are just starting their business, who are on a tight budget, or who need a quick turnaround but still want to feel confident in their website.

Website templates are a better way to serve online business owners in the beginning stages of building their brand and website.

You feel like there are too many things to do and not enough time and value quick and easy solutions for building your brand that actually work. You are willing to invest time and money into something that you know will help you establish and elevate your online presence.

Showit Website Templates

step three

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  • Logo Suite with primary logo, alternate logo, simplified logo, brand mark, brand pattern  
  • All brand assets in EPS, PNG + JPG
  • 5-10 curated, high-resolution stock photos
  • Font Suggestions (font files not included)
  • One round of revisions on your proof
  • Mock-ups to showcase your new brand identity
  • Access to the brand support resources with info on using brand assets, launching, and growing your brand

These pre-made brands are best for those who are just starting their business, who are on a tight budget, or who need a quick turnaround but still want to feel confident in their brand.

Semi-custom brand identity kits are for emerging online brands that need an affordable polished look. 

You are actively trying to make this work every day but need some help executing things well. You have a good foundation for your brand and are ready to spread your message loud and clear but need help putting it out there in the best way possible. 

Premade Brand Kits

step two

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  • Instant access to the course lessons
  • The incredibly actionable, interactive workbook to guide you through the process
  • Full access to all updates and future bonus trainings as long as you're a student

Brand strategy is essential for all business owners at any stage of business, but especially crucial in the beginning so you can build your brand from a solid foundation.

The Brand Strategy Blueprint course is a comprehensive brand strategy course designed for emerging entrepreneurs like you to fully develop the foundation of their brand.

You’re in the beginning stages of building your brand and you want to start off on the right foot. You’re ready to establish the foundation and groundwork for massive growth and impact but you need expert advice on establishing your brand the right way.

Brand Strategy Blueprint

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But using these resources will save you time AND money and help your brand grow FASTER. 

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