You know what a premium Showit website template can do for your business – quickly and easily elevate your online presence without having to spend thousands of dollars for high-end results.

But you'd rather have someone else do the heavy lifting to bring it to life. 

A Showit website template customization is the perfect way to utilize the power of the premade design while still getting a custom touch from a designer.

For a website that feels CUSTOM minus the hefty investment and hours spent DIYing.

Showit Website Template Customization

If you're interested in a website template customization, I'd love to get more details from you first. You'll fill out a form with your goals, priorities, and timeline so I can better understand how we can help you. 

Before your start date, you'll need to prepare your branding, images, and copy (using the provided workbooks and guides) so everything is ready to implement into your template.

With your website copy and images in hand, Ill set up and customize your template. Just 1-2 weeks later you'll be able to review the pages and make sure everything is good to go before launch.

Once any edits are made, we will do final testing of the site and hand over the share key for you to set up your blog and connect your domain. 

7 Days of support to assist with launching

Access to resources and support

Embedding your email newsletter form

Minor tweaking to page layouts to fit content

Adding content and images to template pages

Configuring site, color, and font settings


I will customize the included template website pages with your unique business, vision, and goals in mind.

The templates are set up to be SEO-friendly, which means HTML tags are already set on text elements. On-page SEO can be added to your content before I implement it into your template, but any additional SEO like page or image titles and descriptions will need to be added to your site separately. 


You will be provided with a template-specific copy guide that you will fill in with your own copy before I start your project. But I don't provide any specific copy services like writing or editing content for you. If you need additional help with copy, I recommend hiring a copywriter before your project begins. If this is the case, please keep timelines in mind.


If you are using paid fonts or images on your website you will need to be sure to purchase the proper licensing before you provide us with the files to upload to your site.

Font and Image Licensing

Before I can customize your website template, you are required to provide brand assets like logos, color palettes, and font licenses. If you don't have any specific brand assets in place, check out our semi-custom brand designs.


You will have to purchase your domain, email, and Showit subscription separately (you can get one month free with this link). Showit will help assist with the blog migration and domain setup. 

Website + Domain Hosting

The template is sold separately and must be purchased first. Note: I prefer to work with an ID template, but will also work with ones from Northfolk or Tonic. 

Website Template

What's NOT included

Two Payments of $1500

Option Two

One Payment of $3000

Option One

Get a website template customized specifically for an elevated online presence in just a few weeks.

BOOK your customization

book your template customization

Showit is a drag and drop website building platform. No coding knowledge is necessary and despite some learning curve, if you're familiar with other drag-and-drop tools like Canva or Adobe tools, you'll feel right at home.

What is Showit?

There are 3 tiers of Showit subscription that are dependent on your needs. You can see more about their pricing and what's included in each plan here.

How much is the Showit subscription?

You can easily transfer your old website to Showit from a different platform. Once your new website is set up on your account, Showit will help migrate old blog content to your new site. You can learn more about this process here.

How do I transfer to Showit from my current website platform?

The Showit website template customization process takes 2-3 weeks. We typically book projects with a couple of weeks lead time to give you time to complete your prep work. You may also need to account for 3-5 days for blog setup or migration and domain connection before your site is live.

How long does it take to launch my website?

We do prefer to work with ID templates because we know they are up to our standards. But I will also customize templates from Northfolk or Tonic if needed.

Will you customize another designer's template?

To ensure that you have all the pieces ready to go for your template customization, you are required to provide brand assets like logos, color palettes, and font licenses. If you don't have any specific brand assets in place, check out our semi-custom brand designs. We also require that you have all professional quality branded or stock images sized, optimized, and named correctly along with all content written, edited, and ready to implement before the project begins. We provide you with resources to help with both of these things so you know exactly what you need to do.

What will you need from me?

Included in the template customization, we will configure the site, color, and font settings, add your content and images to the template pages, make minor tweaks to page layouts to align with your content as needed, and embed your newsletter form.

What will be customized for me?

If you need more pages in addition to the ones provided with the template, we can add on custom page design as needed. If you need custom pages we will quote those for you when you inquire about a template customization.

What if I need more pages or additional help?

You will get access to the same bonus resources that come with your template – template-specific copy guide, website strategy guide, content writing guide, image guide, launch kit, and more. You also get access to the support site with tutorials for using Showit.

Are training resources provided?

still have questions? Here's some common answers