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A step-by-step interactive brand workbook to help you confidently nail down your signature brand style and learn how to implement it so that you can stop changing your colors and fonts every week and start building credibility with consistent and unique visuals that make your brand look legit. 

Workbook + Guide

Brand STYLE Workbook

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  • 69-page brand style workbook 
  • Editable mood board template
  • 38 powerful color palette options
  • 20 powerful font combinations

Does this sound familiar?

You obsess over what color and fonts to use in every graphic you create.

You secretly admire anyone who has a good-looking brand but aren’t sure how to create that for your own business.

You want your business to have its own consistent look that builds brand recognition, authority, and credibility.

You aren’t quite ready to hire a designer for custom branding but still want to look legit.

In this workbook, we will dive into all the important aspects of a brand style so that you can mold your entire online presence into a cohesive brand that appeals to your ideal client.

If you’re tired of seeing the same fonts and colors all over the internet and don’t want your brand to get lost in the shuffle, this workbook will help you think outside the box and create a style unique to your brand.

This is your blueprint for nailing your signature brand style.

It’s time to STOP changing your brand colors every other week.

Go from not knowing how to make your brand look good to understanding the strategy and process of how to create a cohesive, powerful brand so you can be confidently in control of your visuals

And finally get that legit-looking brand you’ve been dreaming of

Instead of blindly following trends, establish your own unique brand style and learn how to build a legit-looking brand.

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  • How to create a unique brand aesthetic for a consistent, cohesive online presence
  • How to control your own visuals without having to be a designer or hire one every time you need a graphic. 
  • Best practices for staying on brand, so you don’t get distracted by shiny object syndrome
  • The branding mistakes I see most often and how to avoid them
  • Color theory + font psychology in a simple and easy-to-understand way (plus a design language glossary)

Inside the workbook you’ll learn:

so you can effectively establish your own consistent brand style

Daysha Nova

This guide has been truly helpful to set aside personal preferences and really hone in on the brand I am looking to create!

Marita Isaksen

The last year I changed colors, fonts, direction every single month and I felt so confused, scattered and frustrated. It is the first time ever I have started to feel clarity around branding and my own brand.

If you’d rather work 1:1 with someone to build your brand identity, you can check out the custom design services here. We can work together to build a custom brand for you.

What if I need help from a professional?

This workbook was made for business owners in the beginning stages of building their brand. It is best for new business owners or aspiring entrepreneurs who want to start their business strong but can’t afford to hire a professional brand designer or for the business owner who wants to DIY their brand.

​I'm just starting my business. Do I need this?

Yes and no. There is a section dedicated to logos and brand identity to help you get started. BUT, I will also note that this workbook is not meant to focus on the logo because your brand needs to be built on a foundation of consistent style more than just the logo. Once you know youre style, you can get a premade brand kit here.

Will I learn how to create a logo or get logo templates?

You don’t have to be. This workbook was created for those who are not creative. I’m not trying to make you a designer. But I do want you to have a good-looking brand. This workbook and guide gives you all the resources you need to do that even if you aren’t very creative. 

What if I’m not creative?

Most asked questions

Create a consistent brand STYLE that builds your authority and credibility

Confidently control your brand visuals and style

Are you ready for a legit looking brand?

get the brand style workbook