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A brand strategy test to determine the strength of your brand foundation

Building your brand with a strong strategic foundation is super important for long-term success of your brand. But figuring out what that really means and if your brand is actually built with strategy can be a little tricky.

When you look at it closely, there are some key differences between a brand built with strategy and one without.

What a brand without strategy looks like

A brand without strategy is flat and surface-level. It might look good on the outside but there’s not much behind it to support it. Once you get past the pretty looks, it’s a little boring and doesn’t hold your attention well.

If someone stumbles on this brand, they might be a little intrigued and attempt to find out more. But the exploration will quickly fade into another open tab of the browser because there isn’t anything to connect with beyond the initial impression.

While first impressions make a huge difference, it’s not the only piece of building a brand. In fact, it’s just one piece of a puzzle (more on that later).

Brands without strategy typically consist of nice logos and colors that make them seem put together on the outside. It’s enough to generate some buzz and maybe grow an Instagram following, but I’d bet monopoly money that they aren’t generating much in the sales department.

What a brand with strategy looks like

Now let’s flip the script and think about what things would look like with some strategy.

A brand with strategy has depth and intention. Not only does it look good on the surface, but it is also built with purpose in every detail. There is a recognizable thoughtfulness behind it and it is much more likely to connect with the right people and speak the right things (even with no words at all).

This kind of brand instantly tells you who they are and what they’re all about. With every interaction, you can go deeper, learn more, and actually feel something.

It is subtly obvious when a brand is built with strategy. It’s not an in-your-face kind of thing that they explicitly say but something that is felt when you experience the brand. There is a story behind it, a reason for everything, and details that bring it all together. People naturally gravitate toward these brands because of that.

Brands built with strategy make a good first impression and a lasting impression.

Brand strategy litmus test

So what kind of brand do you have? Flat and surface level or deep and thoughtful? It’s time for a pop quiz because I want you to confidently know that your brand is on the right side of this equation.

Answer yes or no to these questions:

  1. Have you defined your brand’s mission, vision, and purpose?
  2. Can you effectively tell someone what you do and who it’s for in one statement?
  3. Do you know who your ideal client is beyond their demographics?
  4. Do you understand where your brand is positioned in the market and how to capitalize on that?
  5. Do your offers align with the mission of your brand?
  6. Do you know what your brand archetype is?
  7. Does your brand have a defined and distinct voice?
  8. Is your messaging clear and consistent?
  9. Does your brand have consistent visuals?
  10. Did you choose your brand’s fonts and colors based on psychology and your ideal client?

Do you have more yeses or nos?

If you’re hanging out in the yes column then you’re probably in a good place. Keep digging deeper and evolving your brand in this direction.

If you answered no to most of these and are questioning the purpose of life right now, I got you. That’s what I’m here for anyway. It’s never too late to develop a clear, strategic foundation for your brand. Start here to get on the right path.

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Brand strategy test to determine the strength of your brand foundation
Brand strategy test to determine the strength of your brand foundation
Brand strategy test to determine the strength of your brand foundation