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How better branding can improve your marketing

Your business can’t survive without marketing. It’s how you make sales and ultimately make money. And you can’t have a business without making money. But if you’re anything like me, marketing might not be your favorite part of running a business. That’s why I want to tell you about one simple thing that can boost your marketing results and actually make marketing your business seem a little easier.

Let’s talk about how better branding can help you learn how to improve your marketing.

What is better branding?

If you’re struggling to market and grow your business, there is one thing that can help that has nothing to do with the actual marketing. If you aren’t seeing the results you want from your marketing efforts, this is probably what you need to look at rather than trying another new marketing trick to get more sales.

A well-thought-out brand strategy.

Notice I didn’t just say a brand strategy but a well-thought-out brand strategy. Because a couple of notes jotted down on a Google doc doesn’t count as a real brand strategy and won’t really help you when it comes to creating a waver-proof, consistent, intentional brand. You need something that goes in-depth and clearly defines all of the foundational principles of your brand.

If you’re feeling confused and stuck trying to grow your business, it’s not because the colors of your brand aren’t just right or because a particular marketing tactic didn’t work for your business. You probably don’t have a clear enough brand strategy as a foundation and guide for marketing and growing your business.

You need both a thorough understanding of why you choose certain strategies and a detailed outline of what your strategies will be. A well-defined and executed brand strategy leads to a consistent brand message, a strong emotional connection with customers, and higher brand equity.

Your brand strategy affects all aspects of a business. It’s an all-encompassing strategy for building your brand that guides the rest of your brand and business decisions. And the more detailed you are in your branding strategy, the easier it will be to succeed when you execute those strategies.

Why it creates better marketing

Better brand strategy is the first step to better marketing. Once you have clearly defined those foundational principles, you can more easily apply them to your marketing and messaging. Instead of trying to figure out what to say and how to say and which way to market your business, you can stay more focused on your core message and execute that through any marketing technique more strategically to get better results.

Here’s how improving your brand strategy will improve your marketing: because when you have clearly defined who you are talking to, the problems they face, and how you can help them, your marketing is already figured out. With that information ready to go, all you have to do is put it out there.

With the info that a clear brand strategy will give you, you can implement that into any marketing tactic and automatically get better results (IF your brand strategy is done right that is).

So if you want to learn how to improve your marketing, start by defining these 3 key pieces of your brand strategy:

1. Who do you serve?

2. What is the problem that they are facing?

3. How can you give them the solution and results that they need?

From there you’ll want to complete the rest of your brand strategy with things like brand differentiation, brand positioning, and your brand promise (you can do all of that here). Then, with your brand strategy guide in hand, you can learn how to improve your marketing efforts and ultimately grow your business.


Imagine you’re at a party, and there are two people selling the same delicious cookies. One person just hands out cookies in plain paper bags, while the other has fancy packaging with a catchy logo and a story about how these cookies are made with secret grandma’s recipes.

Now, which cookies are you more likely to remember and buy again? Probably the ones with the cool branding, right? That’s the power of better branding! It makes your business stand out in the crowded marketplace, helps people remember you, and builds trust. So, when you’re marketing your online business, a strong brand is like the icing on the cookie – it makes everything sweeter and more enticing!

Take Action

When you prioritize your brand strategy the way you should, your marketing instantly becomes more effective. If you’re struggling with marketing, make sure you have your brand strategy locked down first. Take time to clearly define your brand foundation for better marketing.

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