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How to choose brand fonts and the best font resources

There are no less than a million font choices out there. With so many choices it is easy to get overwhelmed by how to choose brand fonts. But it’s important to choose the right fonts and the right pairing to communicate your brand style the right way. 

Why brand fonts matter

The right typography can elevate your entire brand identity. Consider the brands you admire—the ones that effortlessly stand out in your mind. Many of them rely heavily on the power of strong typography to convey their message, tone, and personality. Take Everlane and Appointed, for instance—they’ve built their entire identities around carefully chosen brand fonts rather than intricate logos or graphic elements.

That’s the magic of fonts—they have the ability to speak volumes about your brand without uttering a word. From sleek and modern sans-serifs to elegant and timeless serifs, the brand fonts you select can become the very essence of your brand, resonating with your audience on a deep and meaningful level. Don’t underestimate the impact of typography—it’s not just about letters and characters; it’s about crafting a visual language that speaks directly to your audience and sets your brand apart from the crowd.

How to choose brand fonts that reflect your brand style

Once you understand the style of your brand you can begin to compile a list of fonts that match your style and narrow it down from there. You want to stick to 2-3 styles across your brand to keep it consistent and clean, and typically a logo will only include 2 different font styles max. A good rule of thumb is one sans-serif, one serif, and one specialty font. 

The best place to start is by considering what kind of vibe you need from your font. Think back to the adjectives you picked that describe your brand and match that up with the style of fonts.

  • Serif fonts: sophisticated, traditional, editorial, luxurious, classic
  • Sans-serif fonts: modern, simple, minimal, clean, corporate
  • Script fonts: artistic, creative, feminine, delicate, edgy, elegant, informal

If you want your brand to be more traditional or luxurious then you would use serif fonts in different applications (italic, bold, uppercase, etc). If you want your brand to be simple and clean, then you would use sans-serif fonts in different applications (thin, bold, uppercase, etc). If your brand needs more variation or personality then you can use a combination of serif and sans serif and add in a script font as an accent. 

Best font resources

You could spend hours scrolling through all the font options available on the interest (trust me, I have). But to help save you some time, I’ve put together a list of my favorite font resources to easily find the best fonts for your brand.


From sleek sans-serifs to timeless serifs, choosing brand fonts can become the very essence of your brand, connecting with your audience on a whole new level. So, when it comes to choosing fonts, keep it simple and consistent. Match the vibe of your brand with the style of your fonts, and watch the magic unfold!

Next Steps

If you’ve got your brand style, colors, and brand fonts set, the next step in the process is to nail down your visual brand identity with a premade brand design. You can take a look at the options available in the shop to elevate the look of your brand effortlessly.

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