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How to write a mission statement

An important part of the brand development process is writing out an intentional mission statement to guide your business. A lot of people skip this step simply because they don’t know what to write, but chances are you already know what your mission is – you just need to put it into words.

With this guide on how to write a mission statement, you can take all those ideas floating around in your head and create an intentional and powerful mission statement that will serve as the guide for your brand.

What is a mission statement?

In simple terms, a brand mission statement is like your brand’s job description. It is a present-focused statement that tells people what your brand is all about, what it does, who it’s here to help, and how it goes about doing that.

It’s like a roadmap that guides your brand’s actions and decisions, keeping it on track toward its goals. It answers the fundamental question: “What can I expect from your business?”

Think of it as the heart and soul of your brand, defining its purpose and making it crystal clear to everyone, from your team to your customers, what your brand stands for and aims to achieve. A brand mission statement isn’t just about saying what a brand sells.

It goes beyond just describing the products or services offered and dives into the deeper promise made to customers, which often relates to solving their problems, providing valuable solutions, and fostering trust.

Your mission statement helps explain HOW you are going to achieve your vision. It serves as a touchstone for decision-making, employee alignment, and the cultivation of a consistent brand identity.

A well-written mission statement can answer some of these questions:

  • Who are we? It defines the brand’s identity and character.
  • What do we do? It explains the core activities and offerings of the brand.
  • Who do we do it for? It identifies the target audience or customer base.
  • Why do we do it? It reveals the deeper purpose or reason for the brand’s existence.
  • How do we do it differently? It highlights what sets the brand apart from competitors.
  • What values do we uphold? It communicates the guiding principles and ethics of the brand.
  • What is our long-term vision? It outlines the brand’s aspirational goals for the future.
  • How will we make a positive impact? It describes the positive change or benefit the brand aims to bring to customers or the world.
  • What can customers expect from us? It sets expectations for the brand’s behavior and commitment to customers.
  • What kind of culture do we foster internally? It reflects the brand’s internal values and how employees are expected to contribute to its mission.

How to write a mission statement

Writing a mission statement is essential for defining the fundamental purpose and scope of your business. A well-crafted mission statement provides clarity and direction for your brand. When writing a mission statement, keep it short, use common language, and make it memorable.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to write a mission statement:

  1. Start with “We are” or “Our mission is.” This sets the stage for your mission statement.
  2. Say what you do. This is where you describe your main business activity or what your organization specializes in. It’s the heart of your mission statement.
  3. Explain who you do it for. IHere, you identify your target audience or the specific group of people you aim to serve. This helps clarify your focus.
  4. Add why you do it. Share the reason or purpose behind your work. Why does it matter?
  5. Keep it short and clear. Aim for brevity and clarity. A good mission statement is concise and easily understood by anyone who reads it.


The goal of your mission statement is to distinguish your brand with clarity and purpose. The key elements of an effective mission statement are a clear and inspiring purpose, alignment with your target audience, and brevity, clarity, and relatability. A mission statement is the compass that guides your brand’s journey and is an important part of your entire brand strategy.

Take Action

Now that you’re armed with this mission-making wisdom, it’s time to get to work. Grab your favorite drink, find a comfy spot, and start writing. And if you’re stuck writing your mission statement and need more help, grab the Brand Strategy Blueprint for an in-depth training and workbook to guide you through this and the rest of your brand strategy for a strong brand foundation.

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