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How to successfully launch your website

You are ready to launch your new website and share it with the world!

But launching a new site will only be successful with the right marketing plan in place. All too often, a launch plan is overlooked. It’s easy to find ourselves spending all of our time finishing the site and rushing to hit publish only to get no enthusiasm from our audience in return. While you’re excited about your new website, your audience won’t be unless you implement a launch plan that creates a little buzz.

Here’s a quick and easy strategy for launching your site without the stress.

Here’s what we’ll cover

  • A website launch checklist to make sure you’re really ready to launch
  • A simplified website launch strategy

A website launch checklist to make sure you’re really ready to launch

You might think you’re ready to launch your site, but have you gone through a checklist to double-check all the little details and make sure everything is truly ready to go?

Here’s a checklist for you to follow and make sure your website is really ready to launch:

Website launch checklist


  • Do you have a benefit-driven headline on each page?
  • Are your call to action clear and enticing?
  • Are all the styles consistent?
  • Is your grammar and spelling correct?
  • Double-check your messaging.
  • Are your images clear?


  • Is your site legally protected?
  • Do you have affiliate links?


  • Set up Google Analytics
  • Check the SEO in your content
  • Check the SEO settings for each page


  • Check all site settings
  • Set up your cookies banner
  • Update your legal page
  • Check all links
  • Make sure the mobile site looks good
  • Test the site for performanceMake sure the forms work
  • Check that all third-party items are connected to the proper accounts.
  • Verify your site with Google and submit a sitemap.
  • Set up any page redirects.
  • Save a backup of the site
  • Launch your website!

Free Coming soon page template
A simplified website launch strategy

Setting aside time to create your plan is crucial prior to launch. Here’s a basic launch checklist that you can follow to prepare for your launch:

  • Determine launch goals – You want to think about the purpose of this launch to get the most out of it and keep things focused along the way
  • Define your launch messaging – Think about how you are going to present your launch and what kind of messaging you’ll use so things stay consistent
  • Brainstorm launch strategies – Figure out what launch strategies you will use to create hype (remember you don’t have to do it all!)
  • Map out your launch calendar + logistics – Set your launch date and work backwards to map out what your launch calendar looks like
  • Write launch content – Write all launch content like blog posts, social content, emais, and even new freebies that you’ll use for your launch
  • Create launch graphics – Use your canva templates to create graphics for social media, blogging, emails, etc.
  • Schedule and test everything – Use a scheduling app to pre-schedule all of your launch content so you can be more present and engaging during your launch
  • Celebrate your launch!


Launching your website doesn’t have to be stressful. Follow this simple approach and keep things easy and fun – the real work comes in the marketing you do after your website is up and running. Be sure to run through everything before the launch to make sure things are in working order and ready for the big celebration!

Next Steps

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