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How to DIY your brand strategy in 4 steps

Building a powerful brand doesn’t have to feel like putting together a 1000-piece puzzle with missing pieces. Even in the early stages of your business, you can establish a strong foundation for your brand. Follow this straightforward, step-by-step approach to DIY your brand strategy.

Define the Heart of Your Brand

The best place to start when building your brand strategy is by uncovering the heart of your business. You can DIY your brand strategy by clarifying your purpose which is the backbone of your brand. Then you can create a vision that acts as a guiding star for your brand’s future, and a strategic mission that lays down the actionable steps to work toward that vision. Finally you can infuse your brand with values that act as steadfast principles shaping its decisions and actions.

Establish Your Unique Positioning

For online entrepreneurs in their early years, crafting your brand strategy involves pinpointing your sweet spot within your industry. You can start by strategically identifying your niche and zone of genius. Then you can position yourself with intent in a market gap, and carefully define a compelling unique value proposition that distinctly positions your brand in the right spot among the online competition.

Deeply Understand Your Audience

The success of your brand can hinge on a deep understanding of your audience. You can start by clearly defining their demographics — their age, location, and gender. But you also want to delve into their psychographics, so you fully understand their interests and values. Then you can map out their customer journey, turning your brand into an indispensable solution that they cannot resist.

Create a Clear Voice, Personality, and Messaging

In the dynamic and crowded world of online business, your brand needs a voice that resonates. One of the most important parts of DIYing your brand strategy is defining your brand voice, so that your people recognize themselves in your brand. You also want to establish your brand’s personality, acting as if it were a person. Then you can craft messaging that speaks directly to your audience, ensuring it not only captures attention but deeply resonates with your brand’s essence.


For emerging online entrepreneurs in their first few years of business, you can DIY your brand strategy with this simple step-by-step approach. Clarify the beating heart of your brand, position it uniquely, understand your audience deeply, and create a clear online voice. Following these steps will set the stage for a brand that not only stands out in the digital landscape but also forges meaningful connections with your growing audience.

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