How to make your brand tell your story

Brand designers always talk about how your brand should tell a story; how it should be a true and authentic representation of you so that you visually communicate it to the right audience. As a brand designer, telling my clients’ story is the most important part of the work we do together. My end goal is for their brand to bring their mission and message to life. I want their brand to tell a story and connect with their audience. I want it to tell who they are and what they are all about. But the question is how do you do that? How do you get your brand to tell a story?  Today I am sharing with you how I do this for my clients and how you can achieve this storytelling aspect with your own brand.  


Dig deep + Define your story

The very first part of my brand design process is he client homework. I send over an in depth questionnaire and brand discovery worksheet to help my client gain more clarity about their business and brand. This is also when I get to know them on the deepest level possible. It’s when we both dig deep into the brand to find that solid foundation and inserting story.  

You can do this by taking time to dig deep in your brand too. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What is the story/meaning behind your business?
  • What sets you apart from competitors? Why do people like working with you?
  • Why are you in business? (what keeps you motivated + what drives your heart?)
  • What are your business core values?
  • Who is your ideal client?  What is their most basic problem that you have the solution for?

Write down your answers and study them. Work towards the best clarity that you can get. Keep it simple and clear so that you can easily translate that into a visual design and communicate your story well with your audience.  

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again, but defining why you do what you do is crucial for brand development. It gives you that foundation to build your brand and business. It sets he tone for everything you do and how you portray your business to your audience.

By defining your story, you can establish what exactly it is that you need to tell the world, and then translate that into your brand. Use all that info you found by digging deep and narrow down exactly why you do what you do and what your unique story is. That story is where the magic happens. Once you find the story of your business, you can tell it. 

Bring it to life

It won’t do you any good to have a story if you don’t tell it. And that comes by bringing your story to life through your brand design and implementation. This is where you take all of that groundwork and translate it into a visual identity that communicates your message. If that sounds complicated, working with a brand designer that can do this for you may be your best bet, but there are things you can do on your own too. 

While the visual identity of your brand is key in telling your story, it involves more than just the visual design. Making your brand tell your story includes your overall style, voice, and message.  I’m sure you’ve heard me preach before that your brand is more than your logo, and that applies here too. If your brand encompasses all of the touch points you have with potential customers and clients, then each of those things need to be working together to tell your story, and the same story. This is done by a consistent and well establish design, cohesive content that relates to your story and your audience, and using the right language to communicate your story. It might help to work with a copywriter to get your story in written form, but once you find your style and voice, it all comes together. 

For example, a recent brand that I launch for Emma Rose Photographer tells the story of how she loves to capture all those in between moments of life. She prides herself on creating a fun and comfortable atmosphere for all her clients so that she can capture them in their natural element. She stays motivated by those phone calls from a client in tears over how beautiful their images are and the genuine feeling of satisfaction that she was able to bring these emotions to the surface through my work. This story is told through her brand by the way she communicates with people, the kind and genuine words she uses, and the way she connects with her audience to help them find and capture those happy moments. The visual aspect of her brand shows that she is a serious, professional photographer that wants to create timeless memories for you. From the inspiration to the final product, you can see the story throughout each element of her brand.


Even if you feel like there isn’t a good story to tell with your brand, I promise it’s there. You just have to uncover it. And if you’re struggling to find it, just start somewhere. Start by writing it all down and getting it all out there. Then you can go back and organize and clarify until you find the story. After that, you can bring it to life with your design, style, and voice so that your audience is hearing the same story every time. 

Does your brand tell your story?

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