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The connection between your website copy and design

When most people think about building a website, they think about the way it looks first. Naturally, you want your website to have a killer design that wows visitors from the instant they see it and makes them jump at the chance to work with you. But the visuals can’t do it alone. The copy that pairs with your visuals needs to be top-notch too for your website to do those things. Your website copy and design are closely connected and need to be built together for maximum impact.

The connection between your brand messaging and website copy

Before we dive into talking about how your website copy and design are related, it’s important to first note the connection between your brand messaging and website copy. Your brand strategy and messaging need to be clearly defined first in order to more easily and effectively create your website copy.

When you have a clearly defined brand message you can better communicate that message on your website. You know who you are talking to and what to say to them. Your brand messaging literally feeds the copy on your website so it’s important to have that established first.

With a clear brand message fueling your website copy, you are sure to have a better connection with your visitor and ideal client.

How your website copy and design are connected 

Now let’s talk about how that copy connects with the design of the website. Every page of your website needs both good copy and good design.

The copy is there to connect with your reader, explain what you do, and make the sale. The words on the pages serve an important purpose.

The design of the site takes those words and visually presents them in an organized and compelling way.

Think about the difference between reading a black and white page full of text and scrolling through a beautiful website with sections of text that include larger headings, images, and graphics to make it easier to read and consume.

How the two work together for a better website

Copy and design go hand in hand for a better website. One can’t do the job on its own, but when both are used well together, they result in an amazing online presence.

The design of your pages will present much better if they are based on strong copy. And the copy of your website will read much better if it’s well-designed and visually presented.

That’s why copy and design are equally important when it comes to the pages of your website. You likely won’t convert visitors with a big block of boring text no matter what it says. And at the same time, a scroll-stopping design won’t do any good if the message is unclear or confusing.


Website copy and design are equally important and need to work together for a better website. In fact, that’s why I have my clients work through their website copy after we nail down the strategy but before I complete the design. Both good copy and good design are needed for a better website.

Next Steps

Do your copy and design work together or compete with each other? Take a look at the pages on your site and see if they are built with both in mind or if one takes over the other. If you need to revamp your website copy or design, check out the Website Planner workbook and Copy Prompts to rework your website strategy and copy. Then you can grab a Showit website template to bring it all together through the design.

Website Planner Workbook

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