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3 Things that prove your website is doing its job

How many times have you visited a website looking for a product or service, only to click out of it without going too far just because it was poorly designed or organized? If you’ve ever had a bad experience on a website, you know what I’m talking about. A powerful online presence holds so much value for our businesses and can make or break it for us. When we have less than 6 seconds to impress our visitors, it doesn’t take long for them to decide if they want to stay and learn more or run away quickly. Here’s how you can know if your website is doing its job.

Good traffic and conversions

The main purpose of a website is to get traffic to your business. You want to get eyes in front of your offerings and essentially sell your products or services. Yes, a website does many other things that lead up to that conversion, but ultimately, you want that traffic to your site and to convert those visitors into loyal customers or clients. If your website isn’t getting that traffic, then that’s one way to know if your website is doing its job. But if your website is getting traffic and you’re still not seeing the conversions, you might have even more work to do. Traffic is great, but conversions are better. You could have 5 visitors to your site but if none of them convert, then it isn’t worth anything. However, if all 5 convert then it could be worth more than 100 visitors.

People are finding you

Have you ever had anyone tell you that they found you on a search engine and instantly knew you were the one they wanted to work with? That’s what you want to hear, right? You want to know that your website is out there in the world and that people are actually finding you.

By implementing simple SEO to your site, you will be more likely to be found on the internet. But don’t worry, you don’t have to be an expert to do SEO. In fact, simple optimization will happen naturally on your site if you focus on quality content that speaks directly to your ideal client (see how that works!). If you use the same keywords and phrases throughout your site, you are doing SEO. Take it a step further by making sure the page title and description match up with the content on that page and you’re on your way to better SEO. Of course, you can do more research to take it even further, but this is a good way to start helping people find you. You can also use your analytics here to determine if your SEO is working.

You’re reaching your ideal client or customer

Although it is good that people can find you, you don’t just want anyone to reach out to you either. You want to reach your ideal client specifically. When your website speaks directly to that ideal client, they know it. They relate to it. They are drawn in and want more. So they contact you to work together. We all want to reach our ideal client. The end goal is to be able to work with them on a daily basis and to weed out those who aren’t a good fit for us. We want to be able to say yes to every project or customer that comes our way, and know that it is exactly what we want to work on. If your website is doing its job, you will be getting inquiries often from your ideal client. Slowly but surely, those other emails will fade and you will find the best matches coming straight to your doorstep.

To reach that ideal client, be sure your content is updated and you are speaking directly to that one person with your copy. You want them to feel welcomed and understood and you want to tell them exactly how you can help them solve their problem. If your website is confusing, cluttered, or unclear that will push those ideal clients away.


I’m sure you know how important it is to have a website for your business. But just having something online isn’t always enough, you want to know if your website is doing its job too. We have to put thought and purpose behind our online presence in order to use it well and use it intentionally.

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