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Do you ever wonder what you could to to improve your brand? To reach your ideal client more? To grow your community and establish a clear mission and message? There are a few ways you can evaluate your brand right now to determine if you are on the right track or in need of professional help to get you where you need to be. I wanted to share of some things I go through with my clients to dig deep into their brand. Plus, I’m including a free brand assessment worksheet so that you can do the same thing for your brand and asses how your brand is working for you.  

Define your why

I always start and end with this, even in my own business. The reason why you do what you do and the mission behind your work is what creates that strong foundation. Everything else can stem from that foundation. It’s important to take the time to write down your business mission and what keeps you going. From there, you can determine the rest of your business and brand by making sure everything aligns with this piece. What is your mission? Why do you do what you do? What is the underlying reason for your products or services? 

For example, the mission of Intentionally Designed is to give you the tools and encouragement you need to create an intentional life and business so that you can focus on the good stuff. Everything I do comes back to this mission. The products and services I offer, the content I share, the design of my brand, and everything in between relate to why I do what I do. It is the underlying thing that ties it all together and gives your business intention.

Who is your ideal client?  

Knowing who you are trying to reach with your mission and message is key. The same message can be communicated differently to two different groups of people. Knowing as much as you can about your ideal client allows you to tailor your message directly to them. Who is your ideal client? Do you know them well? What do they like? What do they dislike? What language do they use? 

For me, I connect with other busy women and business owners who are striving for a more intentional life and business. My ideal client is just like me. That may not be the case for you, and that’s ok. They key is knowing your ideal like you know yourself so you know how to talk to them.   

Have a clear, consistent message

Your mission is the backbone of your business, but your message is like the legs. It’s what your business stands on. It’s how you communicate your mission with your audience. It’s the words and voice that you establish for your brand. How are you communicating your message? What are you saying to your audience? Is it clear and consistent?

My mission is to help other busy women + business owners be more intentional, but my message is all about grace, intention, and joy. I want to encourage my audience to be intentional in their lives and businesses by sharing my own journey. By letting them know they are not alone. My message communicates how and why you can create an intentional life and business by showing you how I do it in my own life and business. 

Create professional, cohesive design that communicates your message well

Obviously I am a big believer in having a professional brand design for your business. Your brand itself encompasses all these things we are talking about here, not just your design. But the design is the visual aspect of your brand that helps to communicate your message. It is the visual that reaches your target client and shows them what your brand is all about. You’ve heard the saying that a picture says a thousand words, right? The same can be said for your brand design. You brand design can communicate the right or wrong message to people. It can make or break your business. Is your brand design professional looking? Does it tell the right story? If someone saw just your logo, would they know what you do and the type of business you are? Is your design consistent with your message? Is your design consistent in all touch points? 

My brand design  has evolved over time as my business and brand has developed and became more clearly defined. You shouldn’t start with the design of your brand. You should start with the foundation and build out from there. The only way to have a strong brand design is to have a strong brand. 

Generate engagement from your community

Growing a community around your brand is essential in growing your business. But it doesn’t end with just increasing your followers. You have to find the right followed that are genuinely interested in what you do. Those people will be more likely to engage with you and your brand. You can increase engagement on your end first. Ask your followers questions, respond to them, and be social. How are you engaging with your community? Are you keeping that consistent message and voice when you engage with them. Is your brand coming through in your words? 

When I engage with my community, I try to relate with them on their level. I want them to know I’m right there with them and that relates directly back to my mission and message. When I talk with my community, I share my stories and how I’m trying to live intentionally just like them. I use encouraging words to help insure them where they are too. 


As a brand designer, I know the importance of each of these elements for your brand. And in order for your brand to really be strong and intentional, each of these pieces need to fit together like a puzzle. Download your free brand assessment worksheet below to dig deep into your brand and determine if your pieces are fitting together and creating the brand you want for your business.  

If you find your brand isn’t measuring up to where you want it to be or that you’re not communicating the right message, let’s talk. Let me help you be more intentional with your brand so you can grow your business in the right direction.  


How does your brand measure up? After you fill out your brand assessment worksheet, I want to hear from you!

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